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Some main informations about Space marine clan :Why did we start this clan?
In the first time or idea of making this clan, we wanted (FOUNDERS) to provide something new to mw2 players, New mods tough they're based on same principles (Zmod) We've made a successful, complete and almost best zombieland mod!

Well, we tried to combine between technology and army which make the clan more modern and futuristic comparing to the old clans. so, with the idea of Technology and army we taught about Space modernism and marine's Union that results SPACE MARINE.

Why did we choose Zmod as a basic mod?Well, that might be silly answer but : WE LOVE ZOMBIE MODS AND WE FIND IT FUNNY

Is SM will be dead one day?

We hope not, and all this is related with real life. we can't decide what's gonna happen. so, Help us to keep this clan alive as long as we can .


Founders of this clan are (OWNERS):[SM] Krash[SM] Taki

First clan members

[SM] Aymen[SM] Johnnybravo

[SM] Connor[SM] michelle[SM] xTakox[SM] xRevertions


Space Marine Clan has different ranks for each member, a member gets ranked after his time of being in the clan or a donation, towards others (members), activity, and if he deserves it.

The rank sytem goes like this:
Moderator [Mod]

Admin [A]
Full Admin [F.Admin]
Senior Admin [S.Admins]

Super Admin [Owner/Founders/Leaders] 

Applying for Space Marine Clan

We have an organized system for joining this clan. Any guest has to Feel free to Apply to our clan .

First he has to Apply to SM then contact one of Site support to read his application then , Then founders will discuss about accepting or rejecting the new member. [FOR NOW WE ARE RECRUITING]





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