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Infected [26/02/2015]
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15th Feb 2015

Hey guys! This topic is about a new mod, Infected brought to you by Seann and myself!

Note: This is a server mod only and is unconfirmed for any sort of future public release.

Latest version is: 3.11! Check the changelog for full details!

What is this mod?
This mod is purely based on the Infected game mode from MW3!

- "Knifer v Striker" loadout!
- Perks!
- Purely MW3 based!


Click the spoiler below to view the changelog!

Be sure to always check back here for the latest up-to-date changes!

v3.11 (26th February, 2015):
- Huds now have a more sophisticated mw3-like feel to them.
- Fixed a issue where the infection countdown would loop on choosing a new player.
- Fixed a issue with the final survivor hud appearing in the incorrect place.
- Fixed some other minor bugs.

v3.1 (16th February, 2015):
- Added a custom 5 minute timer. (MW3-like feature!)
- Altered the infection countdown layout as 0:00 so it is MW3-like! (e.g: 0:10 instead of 10).
- Fixed a issue with a hud being activated before the game started.
- Other minor changes.

v3.01 (29th January, 2015):
- Fixed a issue with whoever is first infected obtain access to the survivor loadout.
- Fixed a issue with huds, so they're more consistent now!
- Fixed up other minor hiccups here and there.

v3.0 (26th January, 2015):
- Re-coded the mod from scratch!
- Re-made the perk system!
- Added new huds to make the mod mw3-like!

v2.2 (5th January, 2015):
- Finally added game winning kill! And yes, it really works this time!
- Fixed some issues with lag.
- Fixed more small issues with teams not being set correctly.
- Optimizations to gameplay and what not.
- Other stuff we can't remember!

v2.1 (3rd January, 2015):
- Added a new shop which enables both teams to buy stuff with a new points system.
- Fixed a issue where some players would end up with their own classes.
- Other small bug fixes and changes.

v2.0 (29th December, 2014):
- New version, new features! Enjoy!
- Added weapons you can pick up which are scattered around the map.
- Added a feature where if a player who is initially infected leaves the game, a new player will be chosen
- Bug fixes.
- In order for some of these new features to take effect, the map system has returned!; replacing the round system!
- Improved gameplay.

v1.2.0 (6th November, 2014):
- Bug fixes.
- Other minor changes and overall improvements.

v1.1.0 (16th September, 2014):
- Round system is back! (The map system was frustrating as a game could end fairly quickly and possibly even crash someone's game)
- Added tactical insertion (alongside throwing knife. Thanks to: Seann)
- Fixed some issues relating to spawn.
- Probably more fixes and overall improvements.

v1.0.8 (August, 2014):
- Added tactical insertion alongside throwing knife.
- Removed custom loadouts.
- Gameplay optimizations.

v1.0.7 (August, 2014):
- Added a ported feature from MW3/Ghosts. A timer that is 2 minutes long. In that 2 minutes, The Infected players must kill a human for the counter to reset until another becomes infected! If 2 minutes is up and no one becomes infected, humans win the game! It's a Infected frenzy! Hopefully, this feature will balance gameplay and be more enjoyable for players!
- Overall improvements to gameplay and stability!

v1.0.6 (August, 2014):
- Added a sort of ported feature from MW3 in when a player becomes infected, a custom hud will appear for whoever is on allie (Human) team indicating that they are a Survivor and will earn 50 points to their current score!
- The usual bug fixes.
- Overall optimizations to gameplay and stability.

v1.0.5 (August, 2014):
- Fixed up some more issues that affected gameplay.
- Removed map edits (until further notice. We don't want this to become a zombie mod now do we?).
- Other minor changes and improvements.

v1.0.4 (August, 2014):
- Added perks (for Humans) upon reaching a certain kill!
- Added a sound for when someone becomes infected!
- Minor improvements to overall gameplay!

v1.0.3 (August, 2014):
- Fixed (hopefully) all team related issues! (Thanks Seann!) This simply means that there shouldn't be any more wrong teams or own classes which affects gameplay!
- Fixed a issue which caused lag when a player joined! (Thanks to: Seann)
- Fixed a issue with custom loadouts. All loadouts should now work correctly!
- Fixed some issues with the new timers/counters.
- Set team models for every map! (Thanks Seann!)
- HUD changes.
- Some other minor changes and optimizations to gameplay and what not!

v1.0.2 (August, 2014):
- Added new timers/counters for Intermission and Initial Infected!
- Small code optimizations!

v1.0.1 (August, 2014):
- Round system now works as it should!
- Fixed a issue for weapons not loading on next round. (Thanks to: Seann)
- Fixed some team issues.
- Other minor changes and fixes.

v1.0 (4th August, 2014):
- Initial (server) release.

Coming Soon!

- None so far! Please tell me of any bugs that you occur though!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or suggestions about this mod, please don't hesitate to reply below!
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Last Edit: 26th Feb 2015 by Wiizard
Joined: 3rd Jul 2014
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16th Feb 2015

Nice job, I'll keep an eye on your updates
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Joined: 22nd Jun 2014
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26th Feb 2015

v3.11 changelog is now up and I've also cleaned up the OP, which I've been meaning to do but never got round to doing it

Last Edit: 26th Feb 2015 by Wiizard
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