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Joined: 3rd Jul 2014
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3rd Jul 2014

Hello, thanks for being and we really appreciate your interest...

Main rules

  • Be active

Space Marine  is a competitive clan. We don't expect you to be active all the time and we understand everyone has a real life.If you are in game , please try to be on Web Site, and teamspeak.

  • Good Behavior

Members are expected to treat everyone with respect. We expect all members of SM to respect each other in the forums, in games, and in lobbies. We don't like to have jerks or negative players here, and we are not afraid to kick them and remove them from the clan. When you talk to others be friendly and have a respectful manner.

  • No multi-clanning or Clan-Hopping

This one is obvious...We don't tolerate multi-clanning , or hopping clan to clan … You will be kicked and banned if we catch you being a multi-clanner or clan-hopper

  • Hacking will not be tolerated in any game

If you get caught HACKING , you will be immidiately be banned from the website , our servers and from Team Speak and Web site....We will periodically check yours IP's and XUID to make sure we are playing legit....

  • Clan Tags

We are PROUD of our members and we want people to know who we are! Please wear your tags at all times in the games.....

  • Participate in the Clan

Share strategies ,tactics , maps ideas and clan wars ideas..Make graphics art , signatures , banners and pictures to enhance the forum and clan image

  •  Begging don't help you to get admin!

Don't start begging or groveling for getting admins powers...

Important note : These rules can be changed or altered at any time by the clan Founders.

SM administration , Thanks...
Last Edit: 5th Jul 2014 by Krasher
Forum » Community » News & Announcements
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